Convert any existing fireplace into a clean burning gas fireplace with our line of gas fireplace inserts. 36, Masonry chimneys are their own support structure, with the brick or stone encasement doing the work. If you're looking for ways to extend the heating capability of your fireplace, it's always a wise decision to look for compatible fireplace blowers. Available Models: Stay warm with Wolseley’s range of replacement parts for gas and electric fires. Let's breakdown the very basics when shopping for or learning about a gas fireplace. They take the rising smoke and heat from the fire and act as a conduit to exhaust these byproducts to the outdoors. Items 1-30 of 49. The term firebox more readily applies to vent-free gas appliances that do not come with a gas burner as standard, meaning they are "just a box" instead of a fireplace. 62, In either of these cases, the hearth encloses the base of the firebox and serves as an attachment point for a gas fireplace burner, faux log grate, and other components a gas fireplace may use. [CDATA[/* >*/ Optional fireplace accessories give your fireplace that little extra something, making it more convenient and aesthetically appealing than ever. To help you understand which gas stoves or fires are suitable for your home, please use the information on this page to identify your property's chimney or flue. Some of these plates are designed to fit over 1/2" threaded valves, while others are made for 3/4" valves (this size is used in conjunction with high capacity gas features). Gas fireplaces have a burner and various other components that come as standard. 36 & Prefabricated fireplaces instead use a double or triple walled metal chimney. Our stove register plates are supplied with their supporting brackets ready for you to install in your chimney.. For masonry fireplaces, the hearth is typically built from bricks and extends outward from the firebox with two configuration options — raised or flat. The inner wrapper is often hidden from view behind the liners in a prefabricated wood burning fireplace. After exploring everything in and around the fireplace, it's now time to talk about what makes the fire — the ignition system. Both prefabricated wood-burning and gas models use liners. You’ll want your gas log burner that supports the style of fireplace you get. Discover the best Fireplace Back Plates in Best Sellers. 30, Gas or ethanol models use lightweight ceramic liners or porcelain-coated reflective liners. Let's move inside the fireplace now to where the action happens - the firebox. Gas fireplaces offer a wealth of different options to help them fit in with the room décor. Gas Fireplaces, Inserts, Stoves and Log Sets. Available Models: These accessories cover any gaps in the wall from installation and look great. For prefabricated fireplaces, there is also a gas line conduit that bridges the gap between the inner and outer wrapper, protecting the gas line and guiding it to purpose-built gas line knockouts made into the brick liners or panels. Only a closer investigation of the firebox will tell the difference. The STARfire™ is a traditional style Gas Fireplace that will make a statement with its gigantic views of the realistic looking, hand-built, wood fire. Prefabricated chimney systems offer a wealth of support components and insulative parts to keep the chimney a minimum distance from insulation or combustible framing. Portrait Gas Conversion Kit: 534/650 NGK: Horizon/H4 Natural Gas Conversion Kit: 534/650 PGK: Horizon/H4 Propane Gas Conversion Kit: 700J NGK/PGK: G3.5 Insert 700J Gas Conversion Kit: 700M NGK/PGK: G3.5 Insert 700M Gas Conversion Kit: 700X NGK/PGK: G3.5 Insert 700X Gas Conversion Kit: 738 NGK: G3 Insert B-Vent Natural Gas Conversion Kit: 738 PGK Where masonry fireplaces rely on the firebrick to provide structural integrity to the fireplace, prefabricated fireplaces rely on an inner wrapper. B-vent gas fireplaces are the middle ground between direct vent and vent free. So to review, the hearth is what the firebox sits on, typically the fireproof base underneath the fireplace box. So, whatever the job, we’ve got the gas and electric fire … Shopping and searching for the right gas fireplace is not easy. They also protect the firebox from the flames and help radiate heat back into the home. But, first thing's first. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock video footage that features 4K Resolution video available for quick and easy download. The wrapper is a heavy gauge sheet metal or plate steel assembly that ties the firebox together and gives it both shape and strength. For starters, they don't use any combustion air from the home to operate. Please select your region to view relevant content, pricing, and promotions. In this section you will find glass fronted and open fronted gas fires, also natural gas fires and LPG fires. The contemporary simplicity of the Torch® Gas Fireplace features a single luminous flame that glows with artistic character. The term firebox more readily applies to vent-free gas appliances that do not come with a gas burner as standard, meaning they are "just a box" instead of a fireplace. Direct vent gas fireplaces offer several safety features. But, customization doesn't stop here. They are usually embossed with vibrant imaging that … That's why many modern prefabricated fireplaces have many decorative front options. They will also include mesh screens like vent-free or wood-burning models. When installing a gas fire we've got all the installation equipment you need including closure plates, infill angles, tape, screed, cement and sealant. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items [CDATA[/* >*/ When most people first look at a fireplace, their eyes naturally gravitate toward the box that houses the flames. BES have fire tubes and restrictors in chrome, brass and coin bronze. It includes a floor, sides, and a top lined with firebrick or ceramic liner to encase the flames. A removable fireplace barrier screen covers the glass door to guard against contact with the hot glass. Instead, they use a coaxial venting system with an inner and outer collar. The chimney sections usually snap or twist together one by one until reaching the required height. ]]>*/ Whether it’s a repair, replacement or brand-new installation, Wolseley’s range of gas fire replacement parts and electric fire spare parts has got you covered. 42 & This is where the term zero clearance fireplace originates from. It is common to see a ceramic or refractory gas fireplace log set, fire glass, and decorative fire media or art. This serves as a cooling zone to dissipate heat, allowing the outer surface of most prefabricated models to touch adjacent wood framing. It usually overlaps what is known as a burner orifice, which is a small fitting with an appropriately sized hole to support the flow of natural gas or propane fuels. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call one of our NFI certified technicians at 1-800-203-1642. B-vent fireplaces tend to lose a lot of heat through the chimney, so we highly recommend using a blower with these models to increase heating performance. If finished with brick, the fireplace facade or facing can make it difficult to tell the difference between a masonry fireplace and a prefabricated model. B-vent fireplaces use type-B vent pipe and vent vertically like a wood burning fireplace. Gas fireplaces, like traditional wood burning fireplaces, are constructed with a protective hearth. Direct vent, B-vent, and vent free gas fireplaces may also offer an ambient light kit that fits within the firebox to accent the unit. [CDATA[/* > This overlay can be a cement fireplace liner with a brick pattern, a porcelain-coated liner, or another decorative material. On the surface, the gas tube, pan, or ribbon burner will be mounted to support brackets. Installing a Stove register plate - Chimney register plate. 38, In a direct vent fireplace, there's a small inner pipe that carries exhaust gases to the outdoors, while a larger outer pipe draws in combustion air for the unit to operate. The Napoleon Ascent™ Multi-View Gas Fireplace is available as a See Through or a three-sided Peninsula to elevate the style in your home. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Home & Kitchen Best Sellers. Flame height is adjustable either manually or by the use of an electric stepper motor. Since gas fireplaces emit lower temperatures, the inner wrapper consists of the back and sidewalls of the firebox. This venting system resembles a double-walled chimney system used for a wood burning fireplace, which also has two pipes. Used it to seal chimney opening after removing an old gas fire and it vibrates when the wind blows Date published: 2020-02-20 Closure Plate 600 x 450mm Reviews - page 2 Consider a stylish gas stove or convert your wood fireplace to a true-to-life gas log set. Available Models: With an extensive background in advanced technical writing and academic research, Angela is our Content Editor and Project Manager. Gas fireplaces are exceptional heating appliances. Which type of chimney or flue that is available usually dictates your choice of stove or fire. Prefabricated fireplaces have a metal weldment or front that can be directly covered (excluding any louvers or grilles), by tile, stone, brick, or metal. However, any sufficiently sized masonry wood burning fireplace can be converted to gas. We have an unrivalled selection of quality living flame gas fire, inset gas fires, hole in the wall fires, high efficiency options and much more. A burner for a gas fireplace has a burner tube with a plurality of gas ports that provide flames for combustion when the burner is operating. To keep out rain and seal the chase, a metal chase pan or shroud is used to cover the area between the chimney pipe and the outer structure of the chase. Older versions would usually feature ductwork embedded within the brick or stone with intake ducts near the floor and outputs near the ceiling. Blowers prevent this. Available Models: Avoid the smoke, ash and mess of a traditional wood fireplace. Before you choose your new gas stove or fire, you will need to know what type of chimney (if you have one) or flue you have. Contemporary fireplaces typically use colored glass pieces which require a specific type of burner that’s different from … (1st, 2nd, and 3rd family gases). We provide more in-depth information pertaining to the way each ignition system operates below: While each of these ignition systems works differently, they all give you the same result, a warm and inviting fire. The Acies™ Series of Linear Gas Fireplaces are designed for smaller spaces while still providing a luxurious fireplace experience. Virtually every style or model of fireplace offers the use of a blower. By the time you're done, you'll have a basic understanding of the most common gas fireplace components and accessories. Available Models: The Luxuria™ Series of Linear Gas Fireplaces feature multiple designer options making it the most versatile linear series available. /*--> Available in both standing pilot and intermittent pilot (IPI) versions, their pilot assembly uses a special oxygen depletion sensor to ensure the fireplace shuts down if oxygen levels in the room get to low. For both wood burning and gas burning fireplaces, remember the term firebox applies to the enclosed area where the fire burns. When she manages to get downtime, she enjoys vacationing at the beach and spending time with family and friends. Ceramic Fiber Wood Small Size Gas Fireplace Logs for Most Types of Indoor, Gas Insert, Ventless, Propane, Gel, Ethanol, Electric, Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire … It pulls room air through the base of the fireplace, forcing it around the back of the heater and to the top of the unit. [CDATA[/* >