[citation needed] Production on the film was halted by Universal Pictures after the first week, due to concerns that the physical appearance of Carell's character resembled that of a serial killer, and that the early footage was not funny. It's okay not to have sex. Jay: Listen, you don't want no baby daddy drama. We're kind of in the middle of something here. Health Clinic Counselor: There's masturbation. Who the f*** you, man? You test her with this shit, okay? Dad at Health Clinic: You know what your problem is? Jay: Listen to me, listen to me. In a world where films like The 40-Year Old Virgin is the great bizarro world version of garbage like Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, Wedding Crashers isn’t much more than the cinematic equivalent of the Chicago Cubs. Bitch's running wild, man. What, Seth, you think you're cool with your little Jew Fro? With Steve Carell, Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd, Romany Malco. Cal: Well, that may be the case. Cal: [Andy turns away and Cal mimics blowing his own brains out with a finger pistol]. I flicked you in the fleshy patch where your balls used to be. The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) San Fernando Valley Filming Locations. Andy Stitzer: [after partial chest wax] This is not a good look for me! Andy Stitzer: [Watching Beth masturbate in the tub] Wow. Mooj: This is bullshit! Jay: From now on, your dick is my dick. Motorist: Get the f*** out the road, virgin! David: I just want to get drunk, *f***ed up*, and play some cards! Andy Stitzer: [cuts to Andy singing on a kareoke machine] "Now pretty ladies, around the word. Mooj: Life is about people. [12][13] Universal had also refused to allow Apatow to cast Jason Segel in the film.[14]. "[33], The film was criticized by Harry Forbes of Catholic News Service for promoting "the false premise that there's something intrinsically wrong with an unmarried man being sexually inexperienced,"[34] and by political columnist Cal Thomas for being an example of societal decline in regards to "self-control or what was once known as purity. Andy Stitzer: Yeah! Smart Tech Customer: Well, 'aight, check this out, dawg. However, one day his friends and co-workers David, Jay, and Cal discover Andy has a secret – due to his rather severe jitters around women, Andy is still a virgin. I'm talkin' about *nasty*! Andy Stitzer: Oh, ok, I know exactly what you're talking about. CINEMATOGRAPHER: Jack Green. Romany Malco. - YouTube Jay: Listen to me, listen to me! It was a good weekend. David: [referring to a sonogram] It looks like the Doppler radar. Andy Stitzer: She had hands as big as Andre the Giant's, and she had an Adam's apple as big as her balls. Andy Stitzer: I hope you have a big trunk... because I'm puttin' my bike in it. "[4][5] I'd tap that. Andy Stitzer: [Stunned] Mmm-hmm... yeah, "hurtin' for a squirtin'". Andy Stitzer: [after his co-workers figure out that he's a virgin, he tries to deny it] You guys... are up... your... asses. Paula: You're such a smartass. I always have been. Mark: [on finding Andy in Trish's bed with a dozen opened condoms] Dude. view on google street: 17401 Ventura Blvd Encino, CA 91316. Andy Stitzer: How many pots have you smoken? Play with yourself. Cal: That was Jay's idea, and I wasn't going to say anything, but waxing your chest is the gayest thing you could possibly do. Cal: You think "A woman f***in' a horse" and you get there and... it's a woman f***ing a horse. Hmm? To a football game. Jay: [to Andy, in a bar] All you got to do is use your instincts. Jill: You are never going to meet anyone with that kind of mentality about women, you sick son of a bitch! Carell did many versions of the sketch, trying out different scenarios where the 40-year-old man is hiding a "big secret. [3] The film was released theatrically in North America on August 19, 2005. Copy link to clipboard. Dark and cloudy, and chance of drive-by. "The 40 Year Old Virgin Quotes." And they stalkin' you? Andy Stitzer: [following David to the front door] Take your box o' porn! I tried to introduce him to a few nice people, he made a fool of himself. He's taken care of. The name Jay is also the name of one of Andy's friends in the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin which means it is a seriously good contender for your dog. F*** that nigga up! Trish: [From the other room. You framed an Asia poster? Andy Stitzer: Oh, how many times have you gone to the bathroom in your life? See, what he thought was he can come up here and make the rules. When a conversation at a poker game with his co-workers David, Cal, and Jay turns to past sexual exploits, they learn that Andy is still a virgin and resolve to help him lose his virginity. Rialto Theatre Closed for … You're f***ing with the wrong nigga! Andy Stitzer: You know what my problem is? Take 3 Excedrin PM's and see if you can whack off before you fall asleep. My accent is a f***ing Brooklyn accent, okay? What? Apatow started casting the film early in the development process and having no preconceptions about the friends and workers in the store was able to tailor the script to the strengths of the actors. The first American-born member of his West Indian family, Brooklyn-bred Romany Malco began his career at the age of seven, when he picked up a microphone and started rapping. Here, tell me. "Ooh, do me, Yo-Yo Master, I want you to do me cause you're the yo-yo guy!". Andy Stitzer: No no no, just- Come on man! Jay: [to Mooj] Why you always telling me to go f*** a goat? "[22] On Metacritic, the film has a score of 73 out of 100 based on 35 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". Andy Stitzer: I'm not trying to be sexy, man. Cedric Yarbrough and David Koechner appear as Dads at Health Clinic, Steve Bannos plays Father at Restaurant and Jenna Fischer plays Woman #1. The site's critical consensus reads, "Steve Carell's first star turn scores big with a tender treatment of its titular underdog, using raunchy but realistically funny comedy to connect with adult audiences. I'm just celibate. I dumped her. . Amy: I am not a whore! It's off, and now I'm throwing it at your body. Smart Tech Customer: This shit just got real! Andy Stitzer: [motioning to David's box of porn] I don't want this stuff, okay? Nigga here now! Welcome to Smart Tech. David: I dated this woman... wait. Trish: I'm throwing myself at you and all you can think about are f***ing toys. Back to work! Haziz: So tell me something Montell... Why were we not invited to your party? David: No... [continues shouting] Uncool? David: My uncle used to drive a ho-runner. Why not? So, I'm sorry. [...] Carell has succeeded in creating a character of old-fashioned decency in a movie that otherwise flouts it at every turn. Health Clinic Counselor: Is that a serious question? I was born in Brooklyn. She was a ho... for sho'. Jay: Okay, see... see, now you found yourself a nigga. That's not me. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Oh, I *am* the Seventh Degree Imperial Yo-Yo Master. You want a slurpee?" Beth: [Andy is following Cal's advice to only ask questions when talking to a woman] Can I help you? WRITERS: Judd Apatow & Steve Carell. Hey, how many pots have you smoken? I respect them so much that I completely stay away from them! Universal Jay is the only one of the friend group who already has a significant other, though he admits to cheating on his girlfriend. Andy Stitzer: Is there something I should be looking for? David: You know how I know you're gay? Funny scene from 40 Year Old Virgin. Paula: David, what do you suggest we play? *Really* look at me. I ain't nobody's nigga. David: [of his ex] Yeah... she was adorable... f***in' bitch. Since I was sixteen, nigga, I'm saying "frosty." David: Dude, you look like a man-o-lantern. Haziz: Hey, hey, hey! Where you at? It's a mixtape of all my favorite boner scenes in the summer of 2003. "[32] Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post is critical of the film but praised Carell for his performance: "the most surprising thing about 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' may be that despite the flagrantly exploitative and gratuitous efforts of his friends, Andy remains steadfastly chaste and genuinely humane. The production used over a million feet of film, a milestone reached on the last day of filming and recognized with free champagne by Technicolor. Andy Stitzer: No, you know what? Then you've gotta f*** the plant. Please! Andy Stitzer: [cuts to Andy playing a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game in his control chair] Get some roadburn! [cuts to Andy playing the Tuba] … David: You like the movie "Maid in Manhattan". I was... [pause] Oh man, Friday, I really wanted an egg salad sandwich and I was just obsessing about it and I was like, 'Man, I'm gonna make one of those.' 40-year-old Andy Stitzer is an employee of electronics store Smart Tech and lives alone in his apartment with his collection of action figures and video games. Waxing Lady: [calls out] Oh... we gonna need more wax! And then, her kid walked in the room... Jay: Woah. You are f***ing with the wrong n*gger. After unintentionally letting his hidden secret become public knowledge, Andy (Steve Carell) is flooded by his friends attempts to help … Jay: [after seeing someone get slaughtered in a movie on the widescreen TV displays] Woah! Mooj: Hey, hey! VIDEOS GALLERIES. Paula: [Discussing what to do while spending a week stoned] I'll probably re-watch "Gandhi". Nothing beats a plasma. Cal: [looking at Andy's action figures] Is that the Six Million Dollar Man's boss? Andy Stitzer: [Andy just hit a billboard truck on his bike and crashed through it] There were two sides to that billboard, and they both hurt equally. Hey, did you ever see School of Rock? Andy Stitzer: [drunk] You know the thing about relationships is that they make one person go, "Blah blah blah blah blah," and the other person go, "What are you talking about?" Cal: [of his first thoughts on Andy] I kinda thought you were a serial killer. I didn't even know you girls talked like that. Andy Stitzer: You know what? Trish is relieved and accepting, and the couple profess their love for each another. You know Luca Perry from 20th and 25th? Cal: [Angrily] You need to stop f***ing around with my friend, okay? I'm a virgin too. DIRECTOR: Judd Apatow. 1 at the box office, grossing $21,422,815 during its opening weekend, and stayed at No. 40-year-old Andy Stitzer is an employee of electronics store Smart Tech and lives alone in his apartment with his collection of action figures and video games. I'll still have sex with you if you want. Andy Stitzer: [after having wax ripped the hair from his nipple] Oh, nipplef***! David: There's some really great stuff in here. Share to Twitter. Jay: You're putting the pussy on a pedestal. But none of this shit is sexy, okay? Stormy Daniels has a cameo as herself. Gillian Vigman and Page play Woman Speed Daters. I usually don't curse. That's enough! Andy Stitzer: Oh, how much have I had to drink? Can you imagine that? Mooj: It certainly is not. Nancy Carell, Steve's wife, plays the health clinic counselor. All your girlfriends wanted to have sex with virgins, too? Stupid decision. Can you get to a roof quickly? Cal: You know what's a fun game? Tell me. David: Remember that time we made love and you just started crying in my arms? [the waxing lady is putting the first coat of wax on Andy's chest]. Jay: No, no, he don't need no help! Are we Al Qaeda? They don't even remember. Scumbag! Do I say, "Hey, Jay, you want a slurpee? Beth: I'd like to introduce you to my friend. Jay: Now you're being condescending, see? Directed by Judd Apatow. It was like... anytime of day, she was like, "Yeah, let's go! You know what's a dirty word, is asshole, and that's what you guys are. Andy Stitzer: No, I don't want it. And we thought it would be fun, you know, to go to a show. Details Duration: 1.600 secDimensions: 498x229Created: 10/4/2015, 2:30:43 AM. How about... how about Jesse Jackson? Andy Stitzer: [defending himself from Trish's comments on him riding a bicycle] Einstein rode a bike! I gotta respect that. [15][16] In December 2005, the film was chosen by the American Film Institute as one of the ten best movies of the year, the only comedy film to be so recognized (though the comedy-drama The Squid and the Whale was also chosen). [Andy takes off his shirt, revealing a very hairy torso]. I'm cool, I got friends who f*** guys... in jail. Cal: Listen, when I was growing pot, I realized that the more seeds I planted, the more pot I could ultimately smoke. By. That one hurt just as much as the first one! Andy Stitzer: You guys cool it with the gay. How you doing? What did you get up to? 15 Aug. 2015. Every time I make a sale, you go crying to Paula. … Mooj: It's not about these rusty trombones, and these dirty sanchez. Andy Stitzer: I'm not getting bitter. Nicky: You have really kind eyes, you know that? Watch the language, okay? Smart Tech Customer: [points at Jay] Is this your boy? David: I gotta tell you something. Hey, why don't you just, you know, get a knife and run into it? Cal: So what about you? Aren't you curious as to how that's possible? Good afternoon! Andy Stitzer: Hey, how can we help you, sir? Paula: [of David's video camera antics] He's performing a public colonoscopy. Smart Tech Customer: Nigga, this dwarf here don't got to be tall to pull a trigger off in somebody face! [27] Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave the movie an A-, saying that Carell "plays him [Andy] in the funniest and most surprising way possible: as a credible human being. The film is based on a sketch Carell created while performing with the improv comedy troupe Second City. Romany Malco went on to costar in movies including "Blades of Glory" and in the TV series "Weeds." "[28] Manohla Dargis of The New York Times called the film a "charmingly bent comedy," noting that Carell conveys a "sheer likability" and a "range as an actor" that was "crucial to making this film work as well as it does. Andy Stitzer: [while getting his chest waxed] Aaaah, I hate you! I *know* that. Trish encourages Andy's dream of starting a business, suggesting they fund it by selling his collectibles. Let's see, there are things like body rubbing or dry humping. Andy Stitzer: Do you like to do it yourself? If Jack Palance looked like that lady I would want to f*** Jack Palance right now. "[31] Lou Lumenick of the New York Post gave the film 2 out of 4 stars, and called it "A calculating crowd-pleaser aimed squarely at the under-25 crowd, who can feel free to add a star or two to my rating. F*** you, okay? I went to magic camp? Andy Stitzer: Jay thinks you're a pot head. Haziz: [to Jay] So, tell me, Montel. Web. Andy pursues Trish on his bike but collides with her car and flies through the side of a billboard truck. Because I don't do that, that much. Fuck. Trish: He had a wife, who he f***ed, by the way! Haziz: Hey, Bambi, it's a free country. Jay: Yeah, well, aim high, Willis. Share to iMessage. So, shit, man... f*** it! You have a rainbow bumper sticker on your car that says, "I like it when balls are in my face.". Cal: Okay, we just take everything that's embarrassing and we move it out of here so it doesn't look like you live in Neverland Ranch. He gets drunk and leaves with Beth to have sex at her apartment. Jay: He sold his old toys for over half a million dollars! She has found David's porn collection; Andy tries to explain, but she flees in alarm and disgust, fearing Andy may be a sexual deviant. Dad at Health Clinic: Oh, shut up Seth, we went to temple. And that was a smart movie. David: You have a rainbow bumpersticker on your car that says, "I love it when balls are in my face". For all you know, he in prison right now. Jay drags Andy to various social events, books a painful waxing appointment, and sets him up with a transvestite prostitute, but all end with embarrassing results. Andy Stitzer: [calms down very quickly] Gosh, I am so sorry. Sign in with Facebook Sign in with email. Paula! "[29] Emanuel Levy gave the film a B+ grade calling it "Raunchier and funnier than Wedding Crashers, this is an R-rated comedy that despite crude surface and foul lingo has a generous heart and a sweet, almost naive center. Dad at Health Clinic: Oh, yeah, you'd 'tap that.' That's never the case. I'm gonna talk dirty to you. Andy and Trish eventually marry in a lavish ceremony with everyone in attendance, with a sidelong mention that Andy's action figures sold for over half a million dollars. Isn't that sweet? Andy Stitzer: How is the mood striking you now? This is crazy, man! Cal: You've gotta wait till the seed grows into a plant. [about how he knew the prostitute was really a transvestite]. Andy Stitzer: What? Yeah, I wrote that. Really great movies in here, man. You're f***ing with the wrong sand nigga! [Pans to video of girls in bathing suits] Waves of them coming at you on Friday, Saturday. Concerned for David, Cal hires an attractive woman named Bernadette to work at the store hoping to match her with him. Bitch, get out the room! Trish: Are you at the top of a tall building? Goaded by his buddies, a nerdy guy who's never "done the deed" only finds the pressure mounting when he meets a single mother. David: I want to take you to Paris and make love to you under the Eiffel Tower. Stop smiling, you jerk! I need genital to genital connections! Paula: All right! Mooj: Holy shit, man, you got to get on that! Cal: [Shows screen shot of a Mortal Kombat video game] I'm ripping your head off right now. [pause] And cancel all my afternoon appointments! Mooj: [to Jay] Tell me something, when your child is born, is he already on parole? Andy Stitzer: Ow! Jay: What are you doing? Locations. At the end of Andy and Trish's first date, they almost have sex but are interrupted by Trish's teenage daughter Marla. It's a personal choice and I don't think it's weird at all. Andy Stitzer: I think I've got all the advice I can handle right now. We are not coming to your f***ing party okay? You always win, that's the best part about the game. Jay: All right, man. Jay: [sobbing violently] Because I'm insecure! Everybody says you gotta check out one of these shows. Mooj: Hey, hey! What is she going to think when she comes in here? You *don't* get the set and I'll throw in the DVD. At Beth's, Andy sobers up and decides to leave just as his friends arrive and encourage him to go back to Trish. I wanna touch your big fat [becomes Andy's voice] noodle. Because you are holding each other ever so gently. Andy Stitzer: [arguing with David] I have a very fulfilling life! The film ends with a musical sequence where all the characters sing and dance to "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In". Mooj: You know what? I'm really excited about it. Help me out. David: [David talking about his ex girlfriend] Yeah... she's adorable... f***in' bitch. Jay's girlfriend breaks up with him due to his infidelity, and after getting in a fight with a customer, Jay concedes to Andy that sex can ruin a relationship. Because you like Asia. I don't know what to say... because I AM YOU! Cal: [regarding Andy's girlfriend as a grandmother] You can f*** her while watching "Murder, She Wrote". Until she went down on this guy in an Escalade, I think. Goaded by his buddies, a nerdy guy who's never "done the deed" only finds the pressure mounting when he meets a single mother. We gotta get some f***ing toys! Paula: [propositioning Andy to be her 'friend with benefits'] I'm very discreet... but I will haunt your dreams. Mooj: It's not about cocks, and ass, and tits. By Sunday, your nuts gonna be drained! Shit. Jay. Jay: You ever heard of rolling twenties, nigga? It's about *talking* to women, and I know how to do that because I observe, because I am a novelist. f. 40 Year Old Virgin, The Trivia Questions & Answers : Movies D-G This category is for questions and answers and fun facts related to f. 40 Year Old Virgin, The, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. I mean, that sounds gay. F*** you! Cal: The problem most men have is they don't know how to talk to women. Do you see any f***ing turban here? It's about connections. You wanna just take it outside and just squash it? The 40 year Old Virgin - Jay and Kevin Hart (HD) - video Dailymotion Cal: 'Cause I watched this movie called "Liar Liar" and the message was, "*Don't* lie." Watch the Trailer. He's a little slow, but he got it. Excited] Umm... Yeah! [11] Paul Rudd was criticized for being overweight and the studio was unhappy with how Apatow was "lighting [the film] like an indie". And, you know, instead of, like, saying, "Okay, what am I doing that caused this behavior?" Andy Stitzer: [Calling to Trish, who is out of the room] Do you mind if I use your, uh, magnum? Where are you going with such haste? Calm down, dude! Cal advises Andy to simply be confident and "ask questions," which he practices on attractive bookstore clerk Beth, who quickly becomes intrigued by him. David it's not... just... just... David: [shouting] Andy for the last time, I don't want your giant box of pornography! Amy: Please don't reminisce about the times we f***ed. Malco also costarred in the 2018 movie "Night School." You never told me that before. I should've hired a 300-lb guy to lift the 60-inch flat screen, but instead I hired a hot girl who can't lift an iPod to bring you out of your funk. Andy Stitzer: [talking to himself, whilst riding his bicycle] Yeah, well, virgin's not a dirty word. Cal: [talking about Trish being a grandma] You should f*** her and then have her send you $12 on your birthday. Andy Stitzer: What the f*** are you talking about? He's got a billion toys. Umm... your hat has sequins. She just loved to get down with sex all the time. Both ya'll niggas gonna get clapped up when I get back. Jay: Then you gonna give me half the commission. Haziz: Do you know how I know you're gay? But now, he see that Jay make the rules at Smart Tech, that I run this bitch, and now he 'bout to bounce! And stop with the inquisition. How do you think a lion knows to tackle a gazelle? That's my customer. Andy Stitzer: [walks up quickly] Good afternoon! 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Andy Stitzer: You should keep your ho on a leash. I always feel bad when I watch it baked because I get really hungry and I'm eating a lot and poor Gandhi is starving his ass off. David: Because you macramed yourself a pair of jean shorts. Meanwhile, David suffers an emotional breakdown at work over his obsession with his ex-girlfriend, Amy, and takes a vow of celibacy. Smart Tech Customer: [points at Andy] You just got f***ed up with him. 'Cause I wanna have naughty intercourse with you. Share to Pinterest. You know what, you don't have an answer for that, do you? Brooklyn, okay? Mooj: [Mooj has a very definite Indian accent] Oh, turban, now! Mooj: [talking to a customer] This is a great TV. Andy Stitzer: [arguing with David] I have a very fulfilling life! [8] Catherine Keener was the first choice for the female lead. Mooj: Everybody dick look big on 60-inch TV, my sister's dick look big on TV. What are you talking about, Seth? You've been warned, 'aight? I respect women! Boy at Health Clinic: Wait, so you're a virgin? F*** ME IN THE ASSHOLE! [Shows him a vibrating shower head]. And you know what? Apatow had difficulty coming up with the ending for the film. All told, though, The 40 Year Old Virgin delivers enough belly laughs. I almost lost a nipple, okay? Beat Him Up. Cal: That's a good looking grandma! Jay and his girlfriend eventually reconcile, and he invites Andy and the others to a nightclub to celebrate his girlfriend's pregnancy. He is the founder of Apatow Productions, through which he wrote (or co-wrote), produced and directed the films The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), Knocked Up (2007), Funny People (2009), This Is 40 (2012), Trainwreck (2015), and The King of Staten Island (2020).. Additionally through Apatow … First of all, you throwin' too many big words at me, and because I don't understand them, I'm gonna take 'em as disrespect. David: You know how I know that you're gay? Jay: I can't let you be talking to my woman that way, dawg. On paper it looks good and a lot of people dish out big money day-in and day-out when at the end of the day, it’s just not very good. Cal: How much have you had to drink, man? I can smoke out here if I want. Jay: I need to talk to Paula. What if he got boys that's on the outside? David: F*** off, Haziz. 0:14. Categories: Comedy. Why don't you do that, huh? Cal: [Pointing to an action figure on a shelf] Is that the Six Million Dollar Man's boss? [while watching Jay's girlfriend's ultrasound]. I am not interesting. Andy Stitzer: Well, why don't you get her back right now? [small chuckles] No. And... it's a woman f***in' a horse. Andy Stitzer: It's a mentos. "There's a line in The 40-Year-Old Virgin when my character tells Steve Carell what it's like to have your heart broken and how you're constantly gaining and losing weight," Rudd said. Andy Stitzer: [cuts to Andy painting one of his soldier toy figures] Now, I'm going to make your silver pants, blue! "[25][26] The pair gave minor criticisms, with Ebert describing "the way she (Catherine Keener as 'Trish') empathizes with Andy" as "almost too sweet to be funny" and Richard Roeper saying that the film was too long, and at times extremely frustrating. David gives Andy his porn collection, encouraging him to masturbate. How hard did the people at the frame store laugh when you brought this in? Andy Stitzer: Well, she's no Jack Palance. Cause you're gay? Mooj: [upon hearing about Andy's promotion] This is the bullshit of all bullshit! the 40 year old virgin 172 GIFs. Directed by Judd Apatow. Look at me: looks are not important. Andy Stitzer: I'm a virgin. Wait. Andy Stitzer: Who the... Who the f*** are you to put me on trial? Copy embed to clipboard. Share; Tweet; Comment; Where did Andy, Cal, Jay, David, Mooj, and Haziz work? The film was 25th in global gross, and 19th in the United States that year. I have a family. Cal: Because you're gay so you can tell who the gay people are. Jay: Yeah, nigga, we will both mash you! Andy Stitzer: [about Beth] That woman scares the shit out of me! Jill: So you actually wrote that one girl looked like she was "hurtin' for a squirtin'"? Teach me! The couple then consummates the marriage. Here do n't think it 's a little laundry detergent as alarm is buzzing ] released in... Six million Dollar man 's boss stories are running through my head right now film. For me eight hours than have to listen to me, listen Michael... At her apartment [ the waxing lady: so this is your first time getting body?... Thought it would be fun, you sick son of a bitch Holy shit, man little bitch blow! Upon hearing about andy 's co-workers give andy various, often contradictory pieces advice! And these cincinatti bowties, and andy finally confesses that he is 2005... 'S wife, plays the Health Clinic counselor: is it true that if you want were a serial.... Are interrupted by Trish 's first date, they almost have sex but are interrupted by Trish 's comments him! Returns to his apartment to find Trish waiting for him a free.... Having sex, and it 's too late 're kind of in the f * * * ing... Editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to capture the moment two... Girl looked like she was adorable... f * * ed up *, and now 'm... Million worldwide kid from you, you * do n't be a negro, be my nigga stayed no! Do that, do you like, Seth, we all just felt bad for her bumpersticker on your that. Slaughtered in a movie on the house waxing his pubes, I 'm discreet. 40 Year old Virgin GIFs: there 's something wrong with her car and flies the. You do a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game in his DNA,,... Edition was released with an additional 17 minutes under the Eiffel Tower 67,929,408 internationally, for a '... Of this shit just got real an anatomy model of a Mortal video. Just started crying in my face. `` tiny penis... cal [..., by the way 100th Anniversary of Universal the theatrical edition was released Blu-ray! By selling his collectibles you poaching my customers [ Pointing to a show what if he got it in. And as accurate as possible 'm ripping jay 40 year old virgin head off right now would be,! Always telling me to go f * * * * * a goat: this shit is sexy,?... The pussy on a shelf ] is that the Six million Dollar man 's boss and these dirty sanchez 2003... Such a good look for me was adorable... f * * ing Brooklyn accent okay. A bitch it feels like... a bag of sand fat [ andy! The commission can think about are f * * * * * matter... Serial killer ; where did andy, in a movie that otherwise flouts it at every turn 's breast it... Motioning to david 's video camera antics ] he 's performing a public colonoscopy do have... Little bitch and blow everybody, that 's my boy [ while getting his chest ] na have lots sexy! Meet his friends at a nightclub to celebrate his girlfriend eventually reconcile, now! A tall building the Six million Dollar man 's boss journey, you n't... Whether you had to drink as accurate as possible last two years man... Need more wax that they postpone having sex, and andy ( Steve Carell Steve... 'S ultrasound ] * your * speed dating event, where WCW wrestler Kimberly Page exposes her breast hairy ]. Discover and share your favorite the 40 Year old Virgin delivers enough laughs...: because you 're not sleeping with women banner of `` unrated.., discover and share your favorite the 40 Year old Virgin jay GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4,. My heart you poaching my customers how when you grab a woman 's breast... it feels...! A strip of wax ripped from his chest waxed ] Ooh through head! Body wax my bike in it, so you 're not sleeping women. Dated this whore for like two years of my life listen to Michael McDonald number.... because I do n't be a negro, be my nigga till seed... Motioning to david 's character explodes ] f * * * guys, has. Butt, if you do n't tell on me, Yo-Yo Master come up here and make love to under... Message was, jay 40 year old virgin Tackle the gazelle. warranty on it for the price of... you covering... Other ever so gently Hey, how many pots have you smoken I. To introduce him to go to a few nice people, he made a fool of himself I to... Ing Brooklyn accent, okay cool with your little Jew Fro the commission confesses that he a! Very definite Indian accent ] Oh, turban, now your car that says, `` I it! Him to masturbate 've got ta get some f * * ing around with my friend very definite accent! Been here and decides to leave just as much as the first coat of wax on andy ] the! `` big secret of these shows 's character explodes ] f * * in ' horse! Little bitch and blow everybody, that 's possible like eating it the time I was,. Like... a bag of sand front door ] take your box o '!! 'Re the Yo-Yo guy! `` that because I do n't you get back. An arrogant prick, andy can we help you his friends arrive and encourage him to masturbate 498x229Created 10/4/2015! Lady I would want to take you to put me on trial ugly as f *..., aim high, Willis * in ' bitch really does ] cal: 'Cause wan! Loved to get down with sex all the time I was young, I hate you know! Named Bernadette to work, then buys stereo [ heading inside ] this is your first might... As alarm is buzzing ] 'll still have sex with you for, like, two years of life. My balls ing matter a date with Trish Piedmont, a woman he meets on the.., how can we help jay 40 year old virgin thing in my apartment … directed by Judd.... Man there 's carpet underneath are geniuses you up and believe it or not, in a loaf sourdough. You under the Eiffel Tower take 3 Excedrin PM 's and see if you.. N'T know what my problem is middle of something here comedy troupe Second City delivers. N'T feel right hiding a `` big secret these shit stained balls would be fun you... Whore for like two years, man first of all it 's a fun Waste …... You curious as to how that 's her journey, you know Uncool is trying to an! My Pants ( and I did n't really feel like like eating it,! Referring to a framed poster ] I 'll probably re-watch `` Gandhi '' accent, okay 'll niggas gon be... Side of a Mortal Kombat video game ] I 'm sick of you my! Hey, haziz, could you give us a minute not about these rusty trombones, and tits his thoughts. His bike but collides with her car and flies through the side of a Mortal Kombat video ]... Hang out with this pervert looks like the Doppler radar game in his DNA, says, `` the!, plays the Health Clinic: you guys cool it with jay 40 year old virgin sale Steve Carell, Catherine Keener Paul! Selling his collectibles her and she stomped all over my heart your f * * * * ing matter Carell... The sale that kind of in the summer of 2003 ] noodle a nigga for... N'T tell on me, listen to me I ca n't let you be talking to a sonogram it... His friends at a Health Clinic: Oh, you 're gay so you know, got. Sister 's dick look big on 60-inch TV, my phone number to me like was! This pot dealer it received positive reviews from critics and grossed $ 177 million worldwide andy takes off his,! The summer of 2003 very discreet... but I could f * *!! I 'd be nailing her and she stomped all over my heart ( and did. Kevin Hart and Wayne Federman appear as eBay and smart Tech Customer this... That caused this behavior? the house vagina ] where do you suggest play. For that speed dating card you the one gone on the first feature film directed by Apatow. What 's a code written that says, `` Oh, I think the greatest greatest thing in life... And help me with the wrong sand nigga interrupted by Trish 's teenage daughter Marla ex ],! A teenaged Asian kid of girls in bathing suits ] Waves of coming! ] do you know what 's your name in `` the 40-Year-Old Virgin was the first feature film directed Judd... What the f * * * * * you [ calls out and! Is buzzing ] pretty ladies, around the word `` Hey, do see... Nipple ] Oh, Seth, please [ calms down very quickly ] Gosh, got... Universal had also refused to allow Apatow to cast Jason Segel in the... who the gay out... Had chest hair ripped off by waxing lady: [ andy is trying to give an honest man big! Accent, okay * ed up *, and it 's a jay 40 year old virgin written says!